Case Studies

We’ve listed 10 broad-based case studies that we believe showcase our firm’s vast depth of expertise and shows our ability to provide more than a typical digital agency can to key clients. 

Additionally we have highlighted key metrics from our wholly owned in-house portfolio of brands and websites. We are more than just a digital agency, clearly, but we use our own brands and businesses within the Republic Of Holdings, Inc. umbrella to stage theories, get real-time feedback, and test concepts that we then use hand-in-hand with structured data to help our partners and clients avoid missteps. 

This structure helps clients and partners grab extra dollars directly to the bottom line by being more efficient and using best practices not only from the market but from our internal data points in industries our clients live in. 

You can also see our average growth on mature web properties year over year – during a tough year for all businesses. 

Average Results from our 60+ Mature Web Properties Year over year 2020-2021


Increased YoY Traffic


Increased YoY New Visitors


Increased YoY Conversion Rate (on sites with a user opt-in monetized conversion)

Project Overview

We aren’t trying to be obtuse. Our case studies don’t seem typical for a digital marketing agency. That’s because generally speaking, we aren’t only a digital marketing agency. We are a holding company, that benefits from having an in-house team of business consultants, HR consultants, Web Development specialists and content writers, curators, producers and marketing heavyweights, with a diversified management team that has led huge initiatives at companies of all sizes. 

So as you read through our case studies, we have tried to highlight the most important features, and show off our wins in the marketing and digital arenas, including SEO – something we are very good at. But you’ll notice, we act more like a business partner with deep knowledge of a broad spectrum of business specific expertise. So when you work with us, you get a holistic approach that prioritizes value, not just digital value. 


Global Manufacturer – Outdoor Furniture

Provided strategic planning, SEO implementation and content for more than 12,000 products in a portfolio of outdoor furniture for a multi-national e-commerce that was woefully behind on digital innovation. Shipping globally, out of the United States, Oceania, and South East Asia, our team helped this powerhouse to achieve a 14 million dollar increase in their hospitality and consumer catalogs over a 3 year period, equating to more than 100% increase while boosting SERP’s by multiples of 1000% depending on category.

FAANG – Strategic Consulting

Assisted a FAANG owned company in creating a proof of concept and first to market version of a VR and AI driven application that is positioned to help improve communication, and deescalate violence for first responders in tense situations. The app has real world adoption and is being rolled out through training programs globally. Our strategic consulting and on-site oversight helped to keep project on budget and within timeline. 

Regional Retail Store – Consumer Discretionary

Helped a regional retail store improve foot traffic during a difficult 2020 and 2021 by generating a minimum of $18:1 ROAS on PPC/CPC and creating a huge windfall of traffic by streamlining conversion process and improving on page content and SEO, leading to a 65% increase in organic traffic month over month for more than 12 months and generating new records in total revenue. Was able to improve profit margin by highlighting deliverables during difficulty in supply chain and retail deliveries of product.  

Multi-location Retail and E-Commerce – Firearms

Helped produce viral content and improve sell-through during a difficult regulatory period and while supply was low and demand was high, cementing the brand in the minds of consumers both legacy and new. Helped the company uncover supply options previously unavailable to them through buyer group networking. Sold more than $3 million dollars worth of hard goods on the back of two highly successful viral outreach campaigns.

Digital Transformation – Legacy News and Print Organization

Helped a 40 year old business transition from print to digital and utilize more efficient offline marketing channels to improve buy-through, ad revenue and eventually set up a lucrative sale and exit from the business. Improved ad revenue by more than 45% for the final year of transition and allowed ownership a way to exit profitably.  

Content and Web Strategy – Regional Training Company

Streamlined advertising channels to improve full state adoption of ads for targeted demographic. Improved readership of social posts by more than 1150% and increased class signups for a hard to reach segment of the market and increased female class signups by over 750%. provided world class content that helped attract the strategic partnership opportunities by other major players in the company’s industry that led to an increase in YoY revenue of 95% during lockdowns and difficult business environment for face-to-face businesses. 

Legal Compliance for Insurance – Global Corporation

Assisted a globally recognized company with two well-known brands (one is a nationally known consumer product, the other a major government contractor) under their diversified holding company umbrella. The company needed to come into compliance after a rogue insurance broker used the company’s structure to illegally procure several insurance programs leading to a massive liability risk for the company, and a lucrative commission for the broker. Assisted National Law firm (retained counsel for the company) in proving the company was not-culpable in the illicit procurement. Reestablished PR channels and improved public perception of brands through difficult period. Provided strategic roadmap for new employee benefits provisions, HR compliance procedures and corporate governance.

Web Scraping and App Development – Global Marketing Organization

Assisted a large company marketing to non-profits in the anti-human trafficking and sexual assault, modern day slavery segments of the NFP world to create a web scraping application which would help them to target potential clients, donors and used similar technology to assist in building a web scraping tool that can help to identify at risk individuals in online marketplaces, social media platforms and to gather data on pictures automatically which could lead to improving convictions in law enforcement activities.

Content – Nationally Recognized Brand in Consumer Goods

Delivered 900,000 words of top quality e-commerce product description content for the re-launch of a well loved consumer brand for their rebranding on a timeline of less than one month. The nature of the content necessitated high converting copy that was in-line with a heavily researched concept of the history and design philosophy of the product. Products were in the $1K+ consumer discretionary goods marketplace and needed to appeal to more affluent buyers.

Growth Strategy, Web Strategy and SEO – Dental Group

Improved corporate structure, revenue channels and public online persona of this local area dental group and helped the owner increase annual revenues from just over $3M to more than 12M in less than 18 months, and helped procure real estate and strategic mergers and acquisitions activity that allowed the owner to buyout and improve office footprint to 4 counties and doctor staff to 6 doctors. Resulting SEO and marketing campaigns improved revenue through new office footprint by more than 700% YoY, and increased profit margins by more than 25%. 

Our approach

Our approach differs based on who we are talking to. We know what we are really good at, and what we aren’t. If we aren’t a good fit for you, you’ll know early on, because we will tell you. We do our best to sell some clients off-of working with us. It’s not you, it’s us. We need to know that we can really supercharge your growth, or provide you with bespoke, comprehensive solutions. For those where we cannot work with you, or where we think another agency could provide better implementation for your needs, we offer a strategic Planning and Audit service for a very affordable price


We evaluate every opportunity as if it were our own business


We use our gut, but we also use internal data, and models in the public space


We try to anticipate liability, scope creep, growing pains and the like


We try to be ROI positive on day one


We collaborate with you to plan strategically and then relentlessly execute on strategy

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