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We Produce Premium Content in the Firearms and Gun-related Industries

We own a few websites in the firearms industry. We are also a strategic Content Producer for brands that need content production without the hassle of payroll concerns, and without the difficulty and expense of running a well managed team of content producers in-house. We also do some digital agency work in marketing and SEO. We are experts in all of these fields, but we prioritize only the types of services and products that we do best. We have spent over a decade building a team of highly skilled and educated management and content producers that are focused on the firearms industry.  We also work on websites and projects that are in closely affiliated industries (like tactical items, e-commerce stores in the segment, knives, politics that explore Second Amendment topics, hunting, precision shooting, Military or LE products, etc.).

Writers - Apply HERE!

We have the best training program in the industry and offer significant content throughput and volume to our team of writers. If you have a background in any of our gun-related industries, or a desire to become a writer in this industry please reach out to us. We are in a position to help you make an income in the content production segment of the commercial firearms industry. 

Do you need firearms or gun related content for a project, website, or brand?

We write world class content. We don’t require ramp up time, training time, or expensive benefits and payroll taxes. No other competitor even comes close to our capabilities or volume capacities. If you need to scale quickly, we have a team that can help you grow. You’re likely to be surprised by our cost/value proposition, especially when compared to an in-house content production team. We don’t have the problem of turnover. We are your USA-based outsourcing partner for premium content. 

Need to get consulting on a project that requires an expert?

We have experts. We can also help you to accomplish in-house needs through effective, credible training programs that help educate and improve your employee capacity. We can help you to avoid concerns when building out a team of firearms industry professionals so you can respond to market changes and build your business.  Need to train customer service representatives to handle a new hot product release? We can do that. 

We offer dynamic content in a lot of different ways

We primarily offer gun industry businesses content for production level website work, and client facing channels, including social media, blog, e-commerce and landing page as well as website conversion copy. We also build training and development plans to ensure you have the right tools to push your employees to new heights. Additionally. we produce content in multiple media formats, including visuals and infographics, written content, audio and video content. 

Our Process

Strategic Planning

A dedicated account professional will help you to brainstorm and give you unique insights into our people, programs and capabilities, as we help you to craft a plan for your project or content production work longer-term.

Many times it's TURNKEY

Some of our writers have in excess of 4000 hours of experience writing full time for the gun industry partners we have built over nearly 20 years. We have some incredibly powerful datasets and historical performance experience that can help you to leverage our insights to improve on your content planning. Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and sometimes you’ve been given poor advice. Just because an agency is big, doesn’t mean they know the nuances of the firearms industry. We do. We kept good records and can give strategic insights. The firearms industry is our core workspace – we’ve become pretty adept at it. 

ROI based programs

Nearly 20 years in the industry has taught us a thing or two. People don’t like wasting money for unproven techniques. Luckily for us, great content will never go out of style or not produce a Return on Investment. We help you ensure your money and time is well spent, whether you know exactly the deliverable you want, or whether your goal is a moving target based on a lot of different inputs and variables. 

We want to work with you in 20 years, not just 20 days

We are trying to win your hearts in a long-term marathon, not just a project sprint. We understand that some relationships are based on temporary needs, and we can be OK with that, but we are aiming to be in business with you for a long time. We treat each client that way and prioritize your return and your success, not just ours. 

Risk Managed, Budget Oriented, and Guaranteed Quality

We look at your business as our own. We want the very best look on public facing documents, outreach and content. We cannot afford to make you look bad, because we want to impress you for the long-haul. We price ourselves accordingly, and you’d be surprised at the value oriented services we offer and the “all-in” costs that are likely to be significantly lower than your previous content production costs. We also guarantee a deliverable. It’s not right until you tell us it’s right – and then we give it to you.

We’ve streamlined that process by building a team so good at what they do, it’s unlikely you will ever dislike our content. Our learning curve is minimal to non-existent, and we strive to produce EXACTLY the content you want, so we hand you production content that’s ready for the Big Show!

Why Choose Us

We cost less. We produce world class content. We have the best resources for gun businesses because we specialize in the firearms industry as one of only a small grouping of industries we service. We have over 150 writers on our gun industry content team (yes, some of those are contractors). We employ more than 2 dozen managers and editors with high level experience in the gun industry, or a closely aligned industry. If we don’t have the right expert in house, we have them on speed dial, and they are willing to consult to us at our expense, not yours. We have built this team up over nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, since the early days of the internet gun industry. 


Our costs are less expensive than building an in-house team - we have zero tax or liability implications, and we don't get sick, or find another job during pivotal growth phases


A dedicated account executive for non-a-la-carte clients


We write millions more words than our closest specialty content provider competitors in the gun industry


Want to see what we can do? We don't send 1 sample, we send whole companies and their content success stories. We also show top rankings in Google, real social engagement and other proven metrics. We also have samples - more than 20k of them.


Education is huge for us. We have built proprietary internal training systems for our people that rival some of the biggest internal programs from major global corporations


Most content teams in the firearms industry have 1-5 members. We have more than 175 just dedicated to firearms content, and gun industry work


We are laser focused on the firearms industry


Every piece of content is edited by no less than 3 expert level writers or management team members

Attraction and retention of employees is tough. You can stop worrying about that now. That is what we are all about - Saving you time and money.

You've already seen our content, we're almost positive of it. It's in top three Google rankings, e-commerce stores you have looked at, and online, on blogs all over the place.

Guaranteed 100% unique, engaging, actionable content that readers, fans, and followers love!

Frequently Asked Questions


Prove to me you produce top tier content for a value oriented price point

Schedule a consultation. We can show you plenty of ranked pieces, but more than that, we can show you how we do this for really big companies all the time in massive volume. 

Read our content. We have samples we can show you in real time. Tell us what you need and we will build you a bespoke program at less “all-in” cost than hiring a team in-house, and with much less headache than trying to source writers as contractors. Our work has been featured on some of the biggest e-commerce websites and content-based gun industry channels on the web. Talk with our management team. If they don’t impress you with what they say, we’d be surprised. Many of them have been consulting at the highest levels in the gun industry for more than 15 years.

Google some of our writer’s names. See that they are on big websites that are in your market segment. Or, see production samples from large players that prove our capabilities – live, in real-time on their multi-million dollar websites. 

Lastly, look at our websites, and see some of the content we produce. We can be ZERO-CONFLICT with your content, in many facets of the industry; especially for manufacturers and e-commerce players. 


Do revisions cost extra?

We’ve never charged for a revision. Ever. We rarely even get asked to make a revision. One project over over 250k words in size, produced for a major e-commerce player in 2022, had less than 1/10th of 1% of content that had a revision request. And these were for public facing channels in an extremely important rebranding effort for a large brand.

We work in one of three ways, generally when content is the main purpose of our business engagement with a client:

  1. Predetermined content deliverables. They are anything but boilerplate. They actually just have a type of content and a length of content. You can buy a blog post of 2000 words, for example. Or you could buy a product description of 250 words, among other options. Fill out a form, pay with a credit card and wait for us to send you the content on a quick turnaround. 
  2. We build a full project out for you, or implement a flat fee structure for content that is based on your needs
  3. We charge a per-word rate and have a set of SOP’s to ensure that you get exactly what you need at a predictable rate, based on volume. You push the accelerator or the brake as needed.



Do you guarantee we will rank in Google?

If you are an SEO client, a marketing client and a content client, we can offer several guarantees. They never have to do with Google. They do, however, have to do with KPI’s and other key metrics you flag for us as important goals. Let us know what you need and we can tell you what we can guarantee. 

Unfortunately, Google will be controlled by no one, generally, and things change rapidly. Also, we realize we are not the only group of vendors that you may be working with, and that we are not always going to be helping on all facets of your plan for content or marketing, or SEO. What we DO GUARANTEE, is that our content will be better than anything you can get anywhere else, and that it will prove itself as a value in a very short period of time. 

We also guarantee you will be shocked by the price point, relative to peers (which if you ask us strategically enough), we don’t believe we have in our niche. Very few content teams can do the type of work we do at the volume we are capable of, much less with the adroit execution, and the world class content in the gun industry. 


Do you white label content for agencies?

It’s possible, but it’s not very common for us. We DO HOWEVER white label and ghost write content for brands, manufacturer’s and well-known figureheads in the industry. 

Generally, it’s hard to rationalize cannibalizing your own industry just to make a buck, and compared to most agencies, we offer a much more compelling service offering, price point, and service standard. 

All that said, we would explore white-labeling content for a key client for selected agencies, but we evaluate those terms on a one-off contract basis.  We understand you have built loyalty with your clients and want to keep them happy. We are willing to help you do that without having to produce copy at a higher expense than us, and without having the same resources as we have for the gun industry.

We are also willing to provide clear-cut, iron-clad guarantees that we won’t approach your client while you are engaged with them, and to help you retain them during the length of our contract. Let’s explore if we are a good fit for your agency’s needs. 

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