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Pro-bono Work

We offer absolutely free work to some selected not for profit organizations. Not all of the NFP organizations meet the requirements for pro-bono work. Please contact us after reading further throughout this page to determine if you can qualify for 100% free work.

Most verifiable 501C3 (or substantially similar orgs) qualify for 50% off of apples to apples pricing for  services. You can view the requirements for this service discount to the right. 

We still reserve the right to make a determination of eligibility, even if an organization may technically meet all requirements. We reserve the right to work only with NFP’s which we select.



Do you Qualify for Huge discounts?

In order to qualify for the lower cost development work:

  1. You must provide proof you are a 501c or substantially similar org, and not of explicitly religious affiliation.
  2. You must provide your due diligence in selecting a provider (most non profits must compare multiple vendors per their bylaws, and likely per contract to use grant funds). We must be able to verify the cost structures that you have been given so we can appropriately price the offering and engage in a contract with you. This is to protect you as well as us.
  3. If you use grant funds and need to spend a specific threshold, we may not be the right provider, as we bill lower rates for charitable work – we do not bid this work as part of any vendor vetting process because of this discount. Of course, we can charge full price if your grant scenario dictates it and you would like to engage at that level with our company.
  4. You must accept that we will need to spend some time getting familiar with your organization, and that you may have to spend several hours working with us to optimize the messaging and understand the purpose of the work.
  5. The website must be built on our platform of choice (e.g. WordPress, etc.), and we may host it, but we charge market rates for using our hosting services – these services are not discounted. 
  6. We request a somewhat relaxed timeline on developmental work, so we can devote proper resources to your and other organizations.

All verifiable Non-Profits qualify for a free audit for help in Marketing strategy

Expand your marketing, expand your reach

We can help you capture the best donors, grants, attention, and ultimately help your desired outreach demographics to find you. If you are doing your best to help those in need, we commit to doing our best to help you. Some NFP orgs can qualify for 100% free services (we offer this to up to 2 organizations a year). Most NFP’s will qualify for 50% reduction in pricing for your specific needs. We don’t even use our pricing model to determine these prices – we allow you to do verifiable due diligence to compare providers, meet grant requirements, perform proper vetting, and still get the best price for world class content, consulting, and brand building. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What offerings are available to Non-Profits at reduced Rates or free of cost

Our full portfolio of services is available to any agency client. This includes those who qualify and engage in pro-bono work, or receive a discount on services at the discretion of our management. You can see a list of service offerings by Clicking Here.

How can I qualify for reduced fees?

Scroll up to the top of this page. There are 6 requirements to qualify for reduced fee services as a verifiable non profit organization. 

What if we have grant money that we need to spend to get a similar grant award in the future?

We can charge market rates or even add-on services which increase the spend for your organization. We will require grant documentation before we engage to ensure compliance with the grant, and can provide extensive documentation and outline of services to comply with grant reporting needs.

Unfortunately, because we offer reduced service fees for many non-profits, we cannot serve as a part of your due diligence in selecting a provider. We can work with you as the sole selected provider, but cannot provide price comparison to benefit a preferred provider pool. We do not provide pricing to any non-profit we are not considering engaging with, in order to perform due diligence. To do so would create a conflict of interest and may damage relationships with other NFP’s and your grant rewarding organizations.

How do you select FREE work candidates?

We select candidates for our FREE services contract based on their ability to perform relative to our inclusion on the project.

Furthermore, we select from a pool of organizations that align with our management team’s charitable focuses for the year.

We limit the FREE contracts to only two per year so we can provide the level of service we prefer, to help ensure success in the market for that organization. 

Generally, we try to select candidates from a group of underfunded organizations, or from non-profit entities that need a drastic boost in help to generate donor support, or for which, the grants they already have may not cover the type of work we provide. This is, however, not a hard and fast rule. 

ALL non profit entites that can be verified qualify for a 1.5-2 hour consultation and free report to help them establish a good roadmap and strategic vision, or help them select a provider that is likely not to be our firm. This is provided on an “as available” basis, and certain timelines may not be able to be met.

Generally, all our pro-bono work should be expected to be performed on a slightly looser, more relaxed timeline to ensure the proper attention can be paid to the project, and to ensure we maintain profitability which allows us to perform such work in the first place. 

Are any Non Profits not eligible for inclusion in this program?

Generally speaking, we will not work at a discounted rate or for free with religious institutions unless they provide an educational program open to secular based studies and inclusive of all students. 

Additionally, we will not work with hyperpartisan organizations that prioritize a political agenda on any extreme side of the spectrum. 

Finally, any non-profit organization, whether granted 501c3 status or other substantially similar status, which marginalizes any group, individuals, or pushes an agenda whcih we find offensive in any way will not be eligible for inclusion in the program. 

We reserve the right to choose from a pre-selected pool of candidates, but invite all those organizations and charities, trusts, foundations and similar non-governmental organizations to submit a request for inclusion if they meet the requirements listed higher up on this page. 

We do not perform free or discounted work as a company, for political candidates, political action commitees or substnatially similar organizations or figureheads.

We intend to stay as unbiased as possible in our work, even though we dabble in the for-profit side with some controversial, but legal, ethical industries. 

We donate time and professional skills as a management team to the CatchAFire platform. CatchAFire is a platform that crowdsources volunteer hours for projects that non-profits and foundations need help on. You can view their website here: and we highly recommend that you consider signing up and contributing. 


From time to time, we may highlight work we contribute towards, on our blog under our Pro-Bono Non-Profit post category to highlight important projects, help build awareness for necessary charitable organizations, and provide context that may help you understand how you can provide broad community support and help build out a global community of giving and sharing.

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The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post. is a fantastic aggregator for community service opportunities, sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As an important note: there is VERY LITTLE to no religion specific agenda on this website. This is not about promoting a particular faith or belief set, other than Christian Service concepts. In fact, It may not even mention anything religion or Christianity related. 

It is a valuable resource for those looking to increase their volunteer community service. There are a ton of listings for communities everywhere, and options for those who prefer to help from behind a computer screen, or those who cannot participate in outdoor or community events for one reason or another.  As a management team we participate in some of these projects thoughout the course of the year. We may highlight those events or volunteer projects occasionally in our Blog

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