Site Audit and Real Time Consultation


Up to 2 hours of real time consultation with an SEO, marketing and E-commerce expert to help strategize a roadmap for a business or set up a checklist of requests that can be used to vet other agencies or freelancers providing marketing and SEO services for a website.

Our experts can help you understand current issues with your Strategy, SEO, marketing, or website to give you a more advanced insight to needs for your digital footprint going forward. We spend 1.5-2 hours depending on needs and questions you may have about your business or digital experience, on zoom or another screen sharing platform where we can guide you through ideas, strategy, and help you uncover specific information about your website.

Generally the following ideas can be discussed in a broad spectrum analysis in real time with our expert:

  • SEO, or other optimization for search engine inclusion
  • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Console, other data gathering and how to understand high level data
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Basic needs when selecting an agency or freelance provider
  • Important business considerations as a start up on the web
  • E-Commerce website concepts
  • Marketing road map
  • How to design deliverables to ensure you are getting your ROI from providers
  • Pros and Cons of different platforms and technology
  • Other marketing related questions that can help you to succeed in your business going forward

After the meeting, our team will compile a basic report that highlights concepts and gives you a gauge for how you will succeed as you implement the planning you and our professional worked on.

You'll also be able to access our exclusive members only content on the website after your audit and consultation.


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